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Some History About Viking Product Supply

VPS was formed to supply the pest wildlife control and construction industries with innovative products to resolve everyday animal control issues. VPS strives to manufacturer quality products while keeping costs low. This allows wildlife control companies to purchase exclusion, deterrent, and other animal control products at affordable prices to maximize their profits and provide their customers with reasonable prices.

The Green Hornet Trap was made for those special situations where professional trappers can’t capture a trap shy raccoon; this trap will work.

The Bird Banisher was developed to fill an industry void between fair pricing and better quality. There are good woodpecker deterrents on the market but cost twice as much and the lower costs versions only offer poor quality and minimal performance; that’s where the Bird Banisher steps in to provide a premium product at a great price.

Peak Protector is a fantastic product developed to keep bats, mice, and other critters out of the ridge vents without breaking the bank and restricting airflow.

The Bat Valve has revolutionized the way bat control pro’s get rid of bats in houses and buildings by allowing unique and innovative mounting methods and complete adjustment for safe, humane, and effective bat control.

Viking Product Supply is continually working on improving products and developing new so stay tuned for the latest news.

Viking Product Supply Service & Support – We Are There When You Need

Our excellent customer service delivers our products promptly at competitive prices. Also, you can purchase our products at our four online stores. We are your one-stop resource for wildlife pest control products. When you want the best you want Viking Product Supply and their US-made WCO products. Call us today at (937) 405-8721.

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