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The Bat Valve is a one-way door device designed to aid in the removal of bats from buildings. This bat eviction tool has three options to fit over a common bat entry point such as gable vents, soffit returns, ridge vents, brick openings, frieze boards, and other construction gaps.


Easy To Install/Humane Removal/Designed For Wildlife and Pest Control Operators

In addition, The Bat Valve features a self-supporting eviction tube that threads on to any of The Bat Valve designs. This tube allows for proper positioning of the bat removal tool so that bats can exit the structure at dusk, but not return to roost at dawn. Each bat valve order comes complete with your choice of design and self-supporting tube.

Instalation Instructions

This bat eradication device is designed and tested by Bat Removal Professionals. The Bat Valve assists bat removal experts in efficiently removing bats from a building by allowing for quick attachment to structures and perfect angle placement. Furthermore, The Bat Valve is built to last and can be reused many times over.

Setting the Standard for Professional Bat Control

We Stand By The Bat Valve 100%. We Know Our Bat Exclusion Device Is The Best On The Market.

Before installing The Bat Valve, you must identify all potential bat openings. After that, you must seal all openings except a few of the significant bat highways. These bat highways are areas on the structure most used by a bat colony.

Flex 2 Install

FR4 Install

SG3 Install

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