Our Woodpecker Stucco Repair Kit

Quickly Repair Woodpecker Holes in Stucco Just Like A Pro

Comes With Everything You Need And It’s Easy To Use

The Woodpecker Stucco Repair Kit 

Each woodpecker stucco repair kit contains 6 compression plugs, 1 bottle of stucco repair mix, and 1 applicator brush. Our kit will repair up to a 2.5″ hole but custom plugs are available upon request.

Woodpeckers generally damage your buildings for three reasons:

  1. They are searching for insects.
  2. The woodpecker creates holes for nesting and shelter.
  3. Woodpeckers mark territory by drumming, also called tattooing, tapping, and rapping on your building because it makes a satisfyingly loud noise that proclaims the bird’s territory and attracts a mate.

If you are continually having woodpecker problems you may want to consider our Bird Banisher Product Here.

The Process Is Simple: 3 Simple Steps

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Step 1

Install the supplied compression plug into the woodpecker hole and level with the surface of the surrounding stucco.

Step 2

Use the supplied brush with stucco mix and dab over the plug for the desired look. Blend into the existing stucco for a natural appearance.

Step 3

Let stucco texture time to dry. Once dried paint over to match the surrounding color.

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